Plantmetabolomics in its current state houses the metabolite data generated from plant metabolomics experiments performed during a pilot Metabolomics project under the Arabidopsis 2010 program funded by the NSF. A consortium of metabolomics and metabolite profiling laboratories, in partnership with biochemists, biostatisticians and bioinformaticists, generated the data to formulate hypotheses about Arabidopsis genes of unknown function. The consortium employed a strategy of generating Arabidopsis material at a single location followed by distribution to all analytical laboratories. Different extraction processes and analytical techniques were used among the laboratories; ultimately providing analysis of roughly 1800 metabolites in each of the experiments conducted, around 400 of which are chemically defined. In total, among all experiments stored in the current database, roughly 3100 compounds were detected, including 952 chemically defined compounds. A total of 579 of the known compounds have been identified in AraCyc and placed into metabolic pathways. The metabolite data, along with the metadata, as generated by this consortium, are stored in the PM database.

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